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Victim Awareness Program

Battites helped with the Victim Awareness Project, which is instrumental in helping prisoners come to terms with the conseqences of their actions and for many , is the first time they really see the vicitm's view.
In following subsequent pictures some of his involvements are shown. Again , Click on pictures to read easily.

Letter introducing Wesley as someone who can help build program.

There are many like the following attesting to the many meetings he attended.

Certificates and testimony

Battites has worked hard to become worthly of release. Here are some of his achievements and efforts. Click to view bigger picture.

He has become a christian , here he is acting as presiding minister.

Baptised in 1991

Certificate of baptism


Part of petition asking for His release

Battite's work record and HSED as of 2000
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prison fellowship participation

Part of praise and worship team for visitors



Protest of unfair treatment

The Honorable Lena C. Taylor
NOTE:The following is Mr Weasley's letter to a WI Senator detailing the misuse of a DOC rulke called informally "soliciting staff. " All who work with prisoners have encountered this rule which wisely forbids certain interaction between inmates and staff. However the definition of "staff"has grown so broad that, here a person working for the government, not DOC, is considered staff. Our group has also had people banned under this rule when a minister, dooing pastoral visits in prison, against her will , was considered staff and banned because she had a family member of one of the prisoners she visited in her congregation.

The other complaint Mr Wesley has is his assignment to Admnistrative confinement because of a conversation a "confidential informant" said he heard in the shower. C.I.'s are aften used in conduct reports- there is no one to question , no proof nnede and Battites now site in solitary at WSPF in Boscobel.

The Senate of the State of Wisconsin
415 South State Capital
Madison, WI 53707-7882

RE: Facts & Documentation of injustice within WDOC/DAI Columbia Corr. Inst.

Dear Senator Taylor,

I, Battites Wesley #64380 a malefactor prisoner, who has been incarcerated in Wisconsin State Prison previously D.H.S.S.,was sentenced in May of 1974 under that state law at that time and I have been incarcerated for 35 straight years for the crime of murder of an off duty plain clothes Caucasian drunk male, in the state of Wisconsin City of Milwaukee, place 29th Hadley, who turned out to be a policeman, in the commission of a Robbery of a Tavern.

All of it was and is a serious incident and will remain in the law books a hundred (100) years from now on, I can't undo the past nor exculpate the past. The unfortunate and hideous crime for which I was involved in as a immature, foolish, unthinking, young man of the age of twenty (20), I am now a wise old man of fifty five (55)and have repented of my transgression, and now am able to discern between right and wrong, good or bad. I'm one of the founding inmates of the Victim Awareness program here at Columbia Correctional Institution 1999.

Since my incarceration in 1953 over (90) ninty (lifers) have gotten out and some with double murder, yet I am labeled as a cop killer and has have been paroled! After seeing the board since 1986, the parole board WDOC/DA! Program Review Board treats me and talk of the crime as if it happen yesterday, the last article concerning myself and the two co-defendants that is also still in prison was in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 27th 2007. I am not boosting the harm I've done to the victim family, the community, and my own family because -it seem that it is going to be only the lord, that will forgive me. amen.

Was I sentenced forever in Wisconsin department of corr.div. of adult institution? No such law did not exist when Gov. Lucy was in the office, yet I'm frequently told "No Governor wants to go on record as releasing a cop killer by the parole commissioners-instead of considering the time factor spent in prison as if it was yesterday: God forbid amen.

I am a black man, that has endured and suffered and challenged this thermodynamic system from within, see exhibit 2: the courts seeking justice for constantly being subjected, to this malfeasance actions, mistreatment perpetrated under the label of gang leader, trouble maker, threat to everyone and everything, to no avails and I pray that God keep giving me the strength and life to return to my family and make amends to those that I have harmed mentally, physically and emotionally Amen!

Issue at hand, enclosed is two conduct reports all documents stapled together see exh-3 &4. clearly shows how WDOC/DAI/CCI are allowing it's two investigating officers (both working together hand-&-hand) to piquing with my life since I have came here in January 26, 2006, one will give a conduct report and then the other one will do it, it's a back & forth kind of situation see ex-3, and each time these ticket have been unjustly, CR.#1925259 dated 6-11-07 was because of a woman that had been vetted and approved to visit with me, even carried on a correspondence with the warden at F.L.C.I, sea 4th S 5th pages in ex-3? I was sentenced to segregation for 240 days, I was punished for 120 days before I gotten out, I attended The Victim awareness event on April 14th 2003, I met a female, whom came into C.C.I as a visitor, I asked of her, do she work for WDOC/DAI/CCI, after a brief conversation she informed me that she did not work for DOC, C.C.I. I then asked her if I could write to her, she said yes and gave me her contact information which I submitted at the disciplinary hearing in my defense which showed her name, address and phone number ; I follow all protocol by writing to her and sent her a visiting form requesting that she get on my list in order for me to be able to call her-I written 3x3**!? in each of the three (3) envelopes I wrote to her for some reason she decided she didn't want to establish a friendship and called the prison to request that I discontinue to write, the procedural in the prison staff will contact the inmate and give a verbal warning "not to write or contact that person again" but not for me. In my situation I got locked back up in May 2008, given 300 days 6-2-09 then given the order by the security director to do every day of the 300 days in segregation because DOC 303.26 Soliciting Staff is a very serious offense!

I was in the shower January of 2009 when Captain -wrote me another conduct report for 303.20 Group Resistance & Petition's stating "he heard me a other inmates from down in the dayroom, and heard and identified only me, given gang greeting talk, on 02-01-09, I was given 180 days which expires tomorrow 7-31-07 (with no electronics) under order of recommendation to be placed on administrative confinement indefinite segregation, due to the label of being a gang leader, and my whole 35 years history in WDOC/DAI, which I'm schedule to go on the hearing 08-03-09 I am sure I will be placed on it! Lord Keep me safe and healthy . Amen

Both C.R. were written as DOC 303.26 Soliciting Staff (neither woman work for DQC/DAI/CCI yet, CCI are using the definition 303.02 (21) "staff" means only state employee, an employee of a contract facility, an independent contractor... 303.02 (8) "Department" means the department of correction. 303.02 (9) "Division" means the division of adult institutions, department of correctionals.

I'm contesting Wisconsin State Legislatures did not debate & approve nor intended for WDOC/DAI in conjunction to Wis. State Statute (s) to means "staff" means any state employee outside the confines of WDOC/DAI, if that's the case then I couldn't write the Governor, Senators (you), state representatives, D.O.T., D.N.R. clerk of state offices, clerk of court, judges, police, the maintenance worker that's work in the state capital, the list is endless of Wisconsin state employees thousands.

Now, I’ve been charged twice with DOC 303.26 soliciting staff when neither woman could do as 303.2G appendix texts reads "this section forbids all types of contacts between inmates and staff which lead to favoritism or bribery, just as theft would be very difficult to control in a prison without a rule prohibiting all transfer of property (see DOC 303.40) so bribery and favoritism would be difficult to control in the absence of a rule prohibiting all exchanges between staff and inmates, also the appearance of impropriety may be as destructive to inmates or staff morale as would actual impropriety.

The existence of unwritten exceptions tends to undermine respect for the rule, as a whole because it may appear to the inmates to represent either half-hearted or arbitrary enforcement Now how in every definition could it even apply to people who don't work in DOC/OAI nor have contact with them to be bribed or favoritism ? it's ludicrous, and used arbitrarily and capricious to me, in a malapropism and discriminatory against me to subject me to their evil intention and to get more money allotted to WDOC/DM segregations, when it's a diabolical plot against me at every turn! exhibit 4 shows a month later, staff knew I wasn't justly charged I .Battites Wesley_

Warden answers FFUP letter of protest